Thursday, December 24, 2009

What is the BEST non-perfumed lotion for dry, cracked skin (hands)?

I work in an office %26amp; deal with a lot of different types of paper. I believe this is why my skin dries out so much %26amp; so badly. Often, it gets so dry, that my skin cracks %26amp; bleeds (on my hands). Sometimes they get really dry %26amp; flake a little %26amp; have a white color in spots, where the skin is flaking. I get a lot of paper cuts too, so it burns to use a lot of perfumed lotions. What is the best lotion, for the treatment of dry, chapped, cracking skin (that won't hurt my papercuts %26amp; will allow my hands to be soft %26amp; not look so chaffed)? Thanks!What is the BEST non-perfumed lotion for dry, cracked skin (hands)?
there is an emoilent from mary kay that works really well. my son has dry skin and he uses cornhuskers on his mother inlaw swears by eucerin its not scented. try not using anti bacterial soaps and santizers this will dry out your skin quickly and after washing your hands pat them dry dont rub .. it takes away your natural body oils, you pmay even want to try a product that you put on at nite a mask for your hands i think avon has a product. good luckWhat is the BEST non-perfumed lotion for dry, cracked skin (hands)?
Lubriderm. It's over-the-counter.

I know how painful that can be. The best product for you is Surgeon's skin secret. They sell it on QVC and it is amazing! It makes a protective barrier for your skin so it will be able to heal. I used it every day when I worked in the hospital because you are constantly washing your hands. Good luck.
I love Aveeno!
Try Sally Hansen 18 hour protective cream..or something like Jurlique organic
OH' Honey My mom had that and she tried EVERYTHING. I ordered this stuff (it sounds funny but check it out):


It cleared it up in like a WEEK. She LOVES it! She lives in the country so her hands are always dry. Hope this helped.. PS it's organic %26amp; CHEAP.
lubradrem perfume %26amp; scent free lotion. It is also great for after care when you get a new tattoo.
I use Johnson %26amp; Johnson baby lotion alot

Cedaphil and Luberdrum are also really good and actually dr recommended

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